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If you are in the top of your engineering field, play well with others, and want to help shape the future as part of a fast-moving, highly execution-oriented team, we’re looking for you.



join us in solving the impossible.

We are a small, driven team of technology experts with decades of robotics experience between us. We’re refining and developing world-class non-consumer robots to execute multiple tasks with fully autonomous operations in demanding environments, and we are doing this by applying, extending and connecting open-sourced technologies with our own proprietary approaches for new capabilities. We’ve modularized our technologies, enabling our solutions to stay in the lead, and are using on-site, full-scale physical testing for quick, high-quality, real-world development feedback.

Accompanying our robotics solutions, we are refining a pioneering proprietary analytics platform providing deep insights from hundreds of terabytes of data. Over the last 10 years, we have developed solutions to a range of autonomous robotics and analytics challenges still thought to be impossible by the outside and are expanding and refining our portfolio of solutions before emerging from stealth and going to market with a global footprint.

Due to the confidential nature of our activities, we aren’t able to share specifics with you now, but know that these robotics solutions will have a significant impact on both safety and the environment, thus making the world better.

Our hands are on the future. Are you ready to join us?